Week Four, and I’m almost two-thirds of the way through my book, but a scant 1000 words away from winning Camp NaNoWriMo. Which is not as far as I wanted, but it’s what I should have expected because the first drafts of my books always end up ridiculously long. Here’s one last post from my old blog, this one about outlines (that thing I always tell myself I’m going to write out in detail before writing my book but somehow it only ever gets filled in later).

K.E. Perkins' What-if Stories

The writing community is composed of two kinds of people: the planners and the pantsers. The planners make outlines and lists and meticulously detail everything before writing that first word. The pantsers earn their name because they fly by the seat of their pants, just starting their work and seeing where it goes from there. Most people will do some combination of both, depending on the type of writing and the need to change things up, but sooner or later a clear preference between the two emerges.

I am a planner. I create outlines and lists and collect a lot of information before I put down the first word of a story. Even for smaller pieces, short stories, I’ll make an outline and decide certain details before I start. Sometimes the outline only goes until about halfway through the book because I don’t know the ending, but most times it…

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