This is Week Three of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’m presently in what I like to call a death spiral. I got behind on my word count, and instead of working harder to catch up, I look at the words I want to write and freak out and get further behind. (I’m up to 9000 words under where I want to be. Yay.) Had the idea today that I could have written a few more posts in advance to keep up this blog, but then it occurred to me that these old blog posts count as writing in advance. Here’s one about a character I was writing at the time. Reminds me of Jiurt, a little (more about him after this draft is finished and I can think again).

K.E. Perkins' What-if Stories

I have backed myself into a corner in terms of one of my characters. His name is York, and he isn’t the main character so I kind of forgot to develop him and his character traits as I wrote the book he appears in, so he’s kind of weird and not a very well characterized person. Of course, the way the book is currently written he’s also essential to the plot as the aggressive, enigmatic anti-hero who may or may not turn out to be a decent person in the end. He does this job fairly well, fulfills his role and all that, but he doesn’t have much more than a basic personality which makes him seem kind of flat. My job for today: to make him a better-rounded character without accidentally changing his role in the plot too much.

The first thing to fix is his flaws. It’s not…

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