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(Full disclosure: I wrote this post before July even began because I knew things were going to get dicey once I started work on my novel. Since I wrote it while I had NaNo on the brain and was still feeling relatively positive about the process, it seemed like a good theme. Since this is Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ll be focusing on that.)

(Read Part 1 here)

One of Camp NaNoWriMo’s main advantages over normal November nonsense is the idea of the cabin. It puts together up to a dozen people and gives them a chat feed, which is a fantastic way to meet other writers. Since a big part of an author platform is interacting with other writers (for endorsements, beta-reads, referrals, knowing someone else who understands the pain, etc.), having a handy way of meeting some from all over the world is pretty great.

It doesn’t always work, because in some cabins people just don’t use the chat feed. Hard to get to know someone who doesn’t talk, ya know? But for those cabins with even one other person desperate to meet another writer, you can make a lifelong friend (or at least someone who can encourage you through the month). It’s worth taking the chance, because the NaNo community is full of dedicated novelists, a fair number of whom are published authors.

(Seriously, though. Look up people who got their NaNo novels published. It’s a pretty impressive list.)

In short, be nice to your cabin mates. They could be really good friends/allies in the future.