For a while I tried writing yet another blog. It didn’t go very well, because I wasn’t willing to put in the time necessary to put out more than one post a month (and sometimes less than that). They are longer, though, and more polished because I let them germinate for more time. Here’s one of those posts!

K.E. Perkins' What-if Stories

Editing is terrifying. Taking my baby, my beautiful book, and tearing it to shreds like it was beset by a pack of ravenous wolves is a horrifying process to begin with. Of course, usually by the time I get around to it, it’s less of a horror movie and more along the lines of having to do my taxes. It absolutely has to be done, but if you do it wrong it ends with humiliation and/or possibly jail time.

Of course, as with all other writing there are no hard and fast rules, which means that editing a book is an exercise in guesswork. The rules change constantly, and it usually ends with me tearing my hair out (or some other cliche that I’m not allowed to use in my book according to the rules of editing). Each author has a different process that works best for them, and each…

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