NoClue: My Favorite Resource for Writing

Part of having a platform is developing a list of stuff to recommend to others looking into the same things as I am, so today I get to write about one of my favorite things: Writer’s Digest. If you are a writer, you should know what this is. If you don’t, the website is here. Check it out! There’s stuff to buy, articles to read, prompts and contests and whatever a writer needs.

One of the main reasons I like WD is because it’s got pretty much everything in one place. They’re a reputable name, so any information is trustworthy, and because they’re so widely known they attract a lot of great authors to write articles for them. It’s a safe little boat on the wide sea of internet-based writing advice, and it’s also good for pointing out other nice little boats.

The magazine is also fantastic. There are standard features like a poetry corner and a contest, but each issue tends to focus on a different part of writing. They go through all different topics, from a focus on first chapters to character arcs to genre-specific concerns, all the way to building an author platform.

For me, specifically, Writer’s Digest is good for setting goals. Some lofty ones, like being on a cover of their magazine one day or being one of their writers. Others more achievable, like winning a short story contest or finding an agent through their resources. It’s encouraging to read about writing a blog and think “I’m doing that, so I must be on the right track,” or to look at an article about platforming and see something that I can be doing to make mine better.

How about you? What’s your best writing resource?


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