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In general, I find reading about politics on the Internet to be an exercise in frustration, and I know I’m not alone. There are so many articles that are logical but don’t agree with what I think, or that seem logical but have glaring holes in them that make me either shake my head that someone would be gullible enough to believe it or gnash my teeth in frustration that someone would actually try to make me believe that. This is a writing blog. No politics here.

This would seem to be a foregone conclusion, but things happen sometimes. A particular topic grabs my attention, or some issue really gets to me, or one of the aforementioned frustrating articles makes me want to respond. I’m not going to promise that I’ll never write about such things, because there may be an issue that I feel I can really speak to someday, but I’m going to avoid it.

Part of it is the deep-seated need I have to be liked. Instinctively I don’t want to say anything that could be misconstrued or rub someone the wrong way. That’s silly, and I need to get over myself. I have opinions, and at least one person out there will agree with each and every one. My hope is if it ever comes to it I’ll be able to hold a rational conversation, or know when to leave the discussion.

Another part of it is the frustration. One of my “favorite” things to do is read an article and then go down to the comment section and see what people say. There are five categories (not counting spam): the logical respondents (either for or against the point the article makes), the belligerents (who probably know what they’re talking about but say it rudely), the fear-mongers (who take one point and blow it out of proportion), the ignorant (who blindly stand for some point or other, usually ignoring the article and/or common sense), and the polite (who are just there to say they enjoyed the article and it got them to think). Of those five categories, only two of them are calm and sensible.

Sooner or later, we all fall into those categories when we write comments, because we all have those things that just rile us up to the point we stop being rational and just get into a slap fight.

Sometimes this blog would be a lot easier if I could just write what I’m thinking about the most, whether it’s politics or a TV show (which may come up anyway because story structure!). But I’m not.

1. Because it’s a writing blog, and I’m going to stick to my topic.
2. Because I’m here to learn, and hopefully readers are as well.
3. Because politics is exhausting and there’s enough crap in the world without me adding to the noise.

In the future I may develop a more confident voice about some of these issues. I may change the topics of this blog up a little more. If I do, I hope things will stay calm and rational. But for now, no politics. Minimal opinions. Just figuring out how to get published and get people to read my words. Which is all most people want anyway.