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I’m busy editing and querying, but this makes two months now I haven’t written anything from scratch. Since I was going a little crazy, I started writing some short stories, just to get things flowing again. Today I had some free time so I worked on three stories, at approximately the same time. This made some… interesting things happen. It was a bit of a process.

  1. Open the first story. Write a few words.
  2. Realize that Story A is not moving very fast and go back to the beginning and chop an unnecessary section.
  3. Having lost so many words, open Story B to recover and not be frustrated.
  4. Write something funny in Story B. Laugh at my own joke. Move back to Story A in the hope that inspiration will strike this time.
  5. Nope, still not working.
  6. Story B is now finished, and while the end is rushed it’s a first draft so I’ll fix it later.
  7. Discover that the main problem with Story A is the lack of action. Knowing that, it’s something to fix later.
  8. Eke out a few words of a new outline, move to Story C.
  9. Huh. I did not remember what this story was going to be about at all.
  10. A few more words in Story A until I can figure out Story C.
  11. Tweak Story C’s outline, and get down a solid beginning.
  12. Inspiration finally strikes for Story A! Mainly because a quick look reveals I’m almost finished.
  13. Finish Story A, get a solid start on Story C, then run out of time.

So now I have three mostly finished stories (that need some serious work in the next draft, but they’re still complete). On one hand, having the distractions helped me finish Story A. On the other hand, alternating so much meant it took me a lot longer to finish B and C than it would have if I just worked on them.