Still working on that whole Pinterest thing, so here’s what I learned this week. Some items may actually be reiterations of things I already learned, but it has not been a good week for reading retention so we’ll see what happens.

  • Find your niche! Just like with a blog or anything else, pick one thing/theme and do it really well.
  • It is worthwhile to try and optimize for SEO. This includes the profile itself, the boards, and the text on the pin description. More precision gets higher search results.
  • It’s okay to be cute, but phrase things (especially board titles) so they can be found using appropriate keywords.
  • Keep the visuals high quality, vertically oriented, and don’t let the descriptions get too wordy.
  • Hashtags can be used but aren’t really necessary. It’s more important to write a vivid description.
  • Use “rich pins,” that direct people to useful content and are not just pretty pictures.
  • Do a little market research, to see what else is out there in the chosen category, to see what works and how to differentiate my content.
  • Pin my own stuff to get feedback to my blog, but the main form of interaction on Pinterest is getting involved in group boards and pinning other people’s pins.

That’s what I’ve got. This should be the last week focusing on Pinterest. In a few months I’ll see where I’m at with that, and either step up or change up my game to accommodate. If anyone finds this information helpful, let me know!