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I had a lovely person comment over the weekend and remind me of something fairly important to the writing process: reading. It’s one of those things that everyone “knows”, but then it’s so easy to get caught up in other parts of writing and platform and whatever else that the first love of reading gets sidelined. Reading

  • Gives a well-earned break from the work of writing
  • Lets us explore other characters, plots, etc. that can be brought back into writing
  • Lets us explore new ideas and learn about the craft from those who got published

And those are the basic benefits. A new one (it’s new to me, at least) is the idea of reading and responding. Well, it’s not even that new to me. Read something on a blog or wherever, and then leave a comment responding to it. I love knowing that people read and responded to my words, so why would I think that other writers wouldn’t love it just as much.

Reading, following, and commenting on other blogs is about the best way to get traffic, and yet I’ve never bothered doing it. Shame on me. There are good writers out there, and I’ve read their stuff and learned from it. The least I could do is respond (which also in a way counts as writing practice because those comments should have at least a little thought put into them).

So thank you, NeverWriter. You reminded me of something basic, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully now I’ll use that motivation. It could bring good things to my blog, but more importantly it’ll give someone else a boost. Time to stop being antisocial and get stuff done.