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Wednesdays are supposed to be about writing, but I’m not exactly sure how to approach that general topic in a way that will make this blog something worth reading. The point of this blog is to help myself (and others) figure out how to make a viable writer’s platform. That’s for Saturday’s post. It represents a fair amount of work, and so I don’t want to up that particular topic count too fast because I’ll probably burn out on the subject. Hence the writing on Wednesdays, because it’s something I’m a little more comfortable.

Except that “writing” covers a broad range. It’s a broad range that will be useful eventually, but right now it’s a wide ocean of material and I don’t know where to start my little boat. I suppose it would be best to start some kind of series. To just pick a topic and write a more orderly set of posts that will limit that ocean to something more manageable, like a duck pond or a bathtub.

At the very least, I should keep reminding myself that it is perfectly okay that not a lot of people are reading this blog just yet. I just started, after all. And I really need to figure out SEO better. I’ll get there.

(By the way, this has been a self-motivating post for me to get something done, in part because I had no other viable ideas and I know I’m busy tomorrow so it’s not going to get any better. Some days are just like that, I guess.)