No Clue: Pinterest, part 1

I’ve used Pinterest for a while now, because it’s fun looking at pretty pictures of what life could be like if I had more money. Slightly depressing, granted, but still fun, and it helps me organize my life and keep track of my goals for the future. That’s for me. It turns out that Pinterest also works as a tool for writing, and particularly for building a writing platform.

One of the first things I’ve learned about writing platforms is that a large part of them is making use of social media. This does not mean going out and making an account for everything, but rather picking and choosing those platforms that resonate best with my intended audience, and with me as the author (not much fun for readers if I don’t know how to use the materials). This blog counts as one. Pinterest is something I enjoy, so I’m going to use that as well.

Note the “part 1” in the description. This is me figuring out how to make something of my account, and that’ll be a lot of work so I figure I’ll give it more than one blog post worth of time. I created a “writer” Pinterest account a while ago, but I haven’t really done anything with it. Which is a mistake, because number one rule with any social media I choose to engage with as a writer is to actually use it. No one likes a dead account.

So, down to business. I figured I’d start with some tips, so I found three blog posts.

This one doesn’t have a lot of information, and the writer doesn’t seem sold on the idea of Pinterest, but it seems like a good introduction.

This next one had a lot of pros and cons, and lists of general practices and things to be aware of.

This last one has a bunch of ideas for what to do with the account.


That’s a lot of information to digest, and it all seems like pretty solid stuff. So I’ll go and try some of it, and give an update in a week.

I did warn that this was part one.


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