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Writing involves a lot of different pieces, all of which are important to the whole. On some days some of these pieces are easier to put together than others. Like how some days I can knock out an outline in two minutes and other days I just give up and start writing, or how some days my dialogue is perfect and other days I would be better off just having them grunt awkwardly. There is, however, one piece of writing that has never truly had a good day.

That piece is the title. Which was painfully obvious, because it’s right there in the title of this post. It took me a very long time to write that thing, especially when considered in a proportional way to how long it took to write the rest of the post. It has been a rare few titles that have come to me easily.

Still, I’ll keep trying because titles are important. They label the story from the very beginning, the very first piece of the hook that will get someone to read a story or an article or anything. The title is the best piece of bait there is. They can be clues, reminders, can come from characters, places, events, almost anything in the story. They are the one consistent thing that will get passed around when people tell their friends about the story.

Some people seem to be able to come up with clever titles faster than anything. Personally, I find them awkward because I tend to be too blunt and write them too much like normal sentences. My titles aren’t powerful so much as explanatory, which is okay, but in today’s well-saturated market that isn’t enough. They need to be spectacular.

And that is why I will continue to force myself to write them and struggle through to find a better title. Because crafting the perfect title for each piece of writing is well worth the effort for each one, and it’s an art that’s well worth struggling to learn. Lucky for me, a blog is the perfect place to practice.