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This is a writing blog, so I’ll primarily be writing about writing. A few other things might slip in occasionally, but that’s pretty much going to be it. I know I started with an introductory post already, to give some idea of what I’d be doing, but now I’ve been working a few weeks and I’ve got a better idea how things will work. So here’s the details.

After reading a whole bunch of blog posts about blogging, one of the things that came up was following a posting schedule so readers would know what to expect. Right now, my posting schedule is Wednesdays and Saturdays. In theory, my Wednesday posts will have more to do with writing and the Saturday post will be more concerned with a writing platform. The idea was to have a mid-week look at what I’m working on, and sum up what I’ve learned after a week of working on the wide world of being-noticed-as-a-writer.

I write fantasy and science fiction, usually with a slightly humorous bent. I’ve spent most of my time on novels, although lately I’ve branched out into short stories more and more. I’m also trying to build a freelance writing career, which means all kinds of things and it’s still a work in progress so if anyone has any copy they want me to write, ask and I’ll give you a cheap rate in exchange for experience and something to add to my portfolio. (By copy I mean basically anywhere words are used, from blog posts to advertising blurbs to writing someone’s resume. It’s a wide category.)

A fair sampling of my writing can be found on my old blog, here. There’s a few samples, some summaries of my books, but I’m not planning on updating that blog anymore so the information will get outdated. Soon I should have similar summaries and samples available on this site.

For fun, here’s a bit from one of my novels. If you’ve read my stuff before, you might recognize it. Hopefully now that I’ve put it through the editing cycle a few times now it’s a lot more polished.

Princess Mariam Cytheria Williamina Virgena Judeana Amiera of Chereden was named after her father King Hothier’s beloved aunts, except for her first name. The aunts were all strong-willed women who took care of their husbands’ estates with aplomb and skill, leaving said husbands plenty of time to fight wars with their neighbors, their children and their kings. The name Mariam was actually chosen randomly by the midwife, who will go down in history as the only person in history to successfully talk Queen Amalthea out of anything. It was lucky for Mariam, who otherwise would have been Princess Haraminta-Hortense.

Coming from a history of such determined women, Mariam is something of a surprise, being demure and decidedly of a non-authoritative manner. She’s very good at being a princess, because she always learned exactly what her mother and father and tutors wanted her to learn, like embroidery and dancing gracefully. With her intelligence and kindness she was designed from birth to win and woo a prince, except that she lacked that passionate spark that marks all the best princesses. In other words, she was exactly the kind of girl who would need a fairy godmother as a companion. Most of what I did for her was be her friend, and tell her stories to distract her from the latest appalling example of foreign royalty.

I was Mariam’s companion for several years before the incident with the pea, so I knew her well enough to know what she was thinking through the whole affair. As a matter of fact, I bore witness to most of the tale because I am agoraphobic and spent nearly the whole time in Mariam’s pocket. It’s a nuisance not being able to go where I want, but it also meant I was in the right place to see the real story of the Princess and the Pea.

So that’s my writing, in summary. God willing, you’ll see a lot more of it in lots of different places.