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I didn’t do a whole lot when I first put this site up. Mostly I just picked a design and figured, hey, I’ll just get this thing started, especially because I plan to blog about the whole process. So that means I’m still playing around with design elements and will probably still be working on this thing for a while. Since no one’s really reading this blog just yet, I’m not going to make this a long post.

I apologize to anyone whose pictures I’ve used in the past without the proper rights. I wasn’t always careful to use the ones available for free, and for that I’m sorry. Lucky for all of us, I am not media savvy and did not use very many images.

Of course, this is a digital age we live in, so I’m trying to put more pictures in to make my posts pop. Which means that I’m probably going to need to play around with my header image quite a bit to find a good one. For now I’m sticking with the ones I can find for free, legally. This is my new favorite place to go, by the way. Eventually I’ll figure out how things work and I’ll pay for better images, but until I figure out how to do this stuff, I figure I should stick with the free ones. Thanks to all the wonderful photographers who make their stuff available! I appreciate it, and hopefully soon I will be able to pay you for your work.

So I picked out a header image (which took me an hour) and then I had to pick one for this particular post (which took another hour), but they’re pretty, so I’m okay. Couldn’t figure out what kind of image to use for this post (which I’m sure will be an ongoing issue), so I just went with “learning”.

I’m learning how to make my posts prettier. Is it working?